Business and Meetings at the Hotel Dom Vasco

This charming and tranquil hotel has great facilities for your business or family meetings. It provides two rooms, the São Gabriel and São Rafael, with a bar and restaurant service, which allows the Hotel Dom Vasco to provide all the most sophisticated and friendly assistance during your reunion or business meetings.

The hotel is fully equipped with wireless Internet connection, free of charge. Make use of any of these two rooms for your business presentation or meeting. Around the hotel is a lush pine forest and the ocean is but a few metres away. It is these kinds of features that make the Hotel Dom Vasco all the more special for a brain storming session or for discussions on new business strategies. Few places in the world offer such a combination of service, nature, modern facilities and environment.

After the reunion, make the most of life outdoors during the warm summer days; there are stunning beaches or a heated pool just waiting for you to experience them outside.

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