Restaurants and Bars at the Hotel Dom Vasco

The São Gabriel Restaurant is beautifully decorated with different colours; one of the most characteristic features of the Hotel Dom Vasco. This lively and elegant decoration combined with the local gastronomy makes the São Gabriel a unique kind of restaurant.

Sines is rich in fish. The local gastronomy has specialised in enhancing these tasty flavours from the sea and São Gabriel creates wonderful plates with these regional delicacies. The restaurant’s speciality is the shrimp Açorda, but also try the wonderfully prepared duck pastry. For both dinner and lunch, the São Gabriel offers an à la carte menu, with many fantastic dishes from which to choose from.

During the day, the São Rafael bar serves drinks and snacks. The terrace outside is a plus at this hotel, where you can revel in the freshness of the natural surroundings throughout the day. Enjoy an informal environment by sitting on the high stools set along the long wooden bar. There are also a number of sofas for a more laid-back approach to the afternoon. The fireplace beneath the whitewashed walls creates a sense of home-away-from-home.

Beautiful music emerges from the pianists’ hands during the evenings. The black piano placed in the corner invites you to appreciate the friendly and sophisticated atmosphere the Hotel Dom Vasco offers.

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