Hotel Dom Vasco Sines Portugal

In southwest Portugal, a short drive from Lisbon towards the coast lies the small fisherman’s town of Sines. With an old castle standing on top of high cliffs overlooking the deep blue waters of the Atlantic, Sines has an ancient history and a special character. It was here that one of Portugal’s most famous discoverers was born. Vasco da Gama spent his childhood in this village and returned several times from his journeys where he left his footprint.

This thematic hotel celebrates Vasco da Gama’s discoveries. Inspired by his findings in India, this charming hotel has been designed to bring out the colours of this country. Enjoy your seaside holiday at the Hotel Dom Vasco, ideally located in the heart of Sines. The surrounding beaches and untouched scenery invite you to explore the whole region, which will not fail to surprise you.

This hotel is immersed in the middle of a pine forest, right in the centre of Sines. Green trees surround this charming hotel, making it the perfect place for you to enjoy your tranquil vacation.

The Hotel Dom Vasco offers all of this combined with a personalised service, in the middle of one of Portugal’s most exceptional seaside locations.

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